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May 23rd, 2017

Fuigo Updates

New Features

  • New navigation structure. Documents (including summaries, proposals, and invoices) and project settings now live on the top navigation bar, below your project name.
  • You can now see and search across a list of all components within a project by clicking Tracking. This will help you keep better tabs on the production state of your components. We will continue adding to this in the coming few weeks to make it easier and quicker for you to track your project in production.
  • Clients can now view a proposal or invoice via a web portal instead of just via PDF. Copy the shareable link at the top of your document to generate a pasteable URL. This URL will respect any document settings at the time you copy it (such as whether to show vendor names or attached docs), but links will not respect any document settings that were changed after sending.
  • Adding an item from the Actual page now brings you directly to the item detail page, after selecting an item category. The old line-item item adding still exists on budget and while editing a room in actual.
  • help.fuigo.com: Our help guide/Fuigo knowledgebase is now live! Check it out whenever you need a refresher on how Fuigo works. Let us know about any topics you would like additional articles on.

Bug Fixes

  • The image column will not show on a document if no items on that document have images.
  • Vendor deposit can no longer be set to 0.
  • Fixed the project-specific email/phone number field so that it will set as intended.